Sunday, August 17, 2008

Uncle John's plane ride

My uncle John is kind of a big deal. He has some very pretty and unique planes. Old war planes and planes he flies in airshows. Well he offered to take Ashley, Jarom, Layne, and I on an airshow style plane ride. Basically a roller coaster in the sky with no tracks. I wasn't afraid of the plane ride as much as throwing up inside his nice plane. So I decided to call dibs on having Layne fly on my lap with me. I am pretty sure my Uncle John is not afraid of anything so I figured with Layne on my lap he might tone it down a notch. Did I mention this man has survived not one but two fiery plane crashes..where he was the pilot, yep. Well up we went and before we knew it we were doing barrel rolls and flipping every which way. It was pretty awesome. Layne started begging for my uncle to stop going upside down so I told him I would give him a treat if we could do one more and then we'd go down. Well my strategy worked because although I was a little woozy I survived. Ashley was up a little longer and got pretty sick for about 30 min. Jarom was up the longest but didn't get too sick either. It was quite an adventure.


Skousen Family! said...

hey cute girl!
I am so glad I found your blog...You guys are so cute.
I just had another baby on Aug. 10th and he was in NICU for a week, and guess who's baby was in there with Ryker??? Karen's little girl her name is Gwen she is a doll. It was a lot of fun to talk about the past, I have been thinking of you I hope you are doing well take care Annie

Melanie Nelson said...

What a little aviator! Sound like it was quite a thrill!! Berlin is the cutest/smiliest baby ever! She has best little grin! Small world....Andrew was on my flight home from Chicago! Stay tuned for my call! I can't wait to catch up.

Sidney said...

love nor money couldn't get me up in a plane with John Bagley,he is a legend alright.

Michelle said...

Hey Leisel! Glad I stumbled across your blog! You are A-dorable as usual!

Berlin is such a cutie! I love all the hair bows!

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