Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Diego, Mission Beach, Coranado, Seaside Cliffs...

Ashley her good friend Cali and I rented a car and escaped for 5 days to San Diego. We rode beach cruisers on the boardwalk at night and basked in the sun during the day. We had free accomadations at a sweet lady's home from my parents ward which made the trip oh so affordable. My mom was incredible as usual to let me wisk away like a carefree kid while she took Berlin off up to the cabin the entire time I was away. I'm pretty sure Berlin didn't even hardly notice I was gone because she had a blast with her cousins up in the mountains. We discovered our new favorite yogurt shop called Yogurt Land and went almost twice a day. When we learned they just got one in Az we drove straight there on our way home from California because we were so excited. Vanilla wafer will surprise you. To die for! The highlight of my trip was one of the nights we rode our bikes to the yogurt shop with some friends we had run into from Az and as I am sampling yogurt flavors I behold this very attractive guy cracking jokes next to me. If I have a type this guy fit perfectly into it. He was dressed adoreable, tall dark and handsome, and for as little amount of personality as one could imagine showing in 15 minutes in a yogurt shop this guy seemed like a lot of fun. I was totally feeling a strong vibe but what the heck do I do? A. what are the odds this guy is even a mormon..B. He lives in a different state.. C. How am I going to get him to approach me? We keep making eye contact and then Kylie Minogue's song..It was loooooaoaoaooovvve at first sight comes on. This had to be no coincidence right? Well I knew I had to do something I couldn't let this dream boat slip through my fingers. What if this was my only chance at love? We finished sooner than him and his group so we lingered outside the yogurt shop as I am scrambling for how to get this guy to talk to me. So just then a bum off the street starts chattin it up with me and as this is happening the guy comes outside and is walking past us. I sence he is thinking the same thing as me.. dangit the oppurtunity is slipping past. He walks away and keeps looking back and just as he is almost out of sight he looks back and we both wave. What dorks! So then I get a brilliant idea. I scramble for a pen and paper scribble down my number and I tell the bum to chase after the guy in the plaid shirt that just turned the corner a few blocks down. He of course wants to know what's in it for him so I tell him good karma! Off he goes. I have no idea if he will even find the guy. So we get back to our friends condo and I get a call from him but of course don't pick up. "Hey this is Brian and I just wrestled a bum for your number! Call me." So of course I was so excited but a total chicken to actually go hang out with this cute stranger late at night. So we ended up texting a little back and forth. Apparently the bum gave him the peice of paper but then immedietly ripped it back and the guy chased him for a block and had to rip it from him again! I guess you shouldn't trust a bum to run these types of operations but hey it worked out. Well not exactly... he added me on facebook and the magic faded. As I was stressing about whether or not I should make my photo albums with Berlin and I private he was blocking all of his drinking and partying with girls pictures. We both saw the albums we were trying to hide from eachother before we could block them fast enough so the magic was lost. He wasn't looking for a mormon mother and he wasn't the boy of my dreams. Darn. Oh well it was worth the ego boost.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So the last few months have been a bit challenging.... juggling motherhood, work, and a few minor adjustments to my life. But just to calm your inquiring minds and hearts we are alive and well. Very well in fact. Not the put on a happy face and then cry on your pillow at night when no ones around kind of well. The doing so well you actually feel a little guilty and think maybe you should start bracing yourself for round two of a dose of hard knocks. But I'm not going to sit around and miss out on this time. I'm embracing it. I don't know why I am not more sad or discouraged but I figure there will be plenty of times in the future where I will have to feel that way so in the meantime I am just loving the here and now. Not to mention I don't think I need to point out to anyone how it seems like people every where are experiencing some of the most challenging times right now. There are personal tragedies happening all around me. It puts things into perspective and makes me feel very small. I can handle the hand I am being served right now. The deck could be stacked so much more against me. My burdens feel light and my problems seem small. I don't credit myself to much of the reasons why I am doing so great. Credit goes to my Mom for loving my child as much as I do. (seriously maybe even a little bit more those two are glued together) For helping me out so much. To a loving and supportive family. Members from both fams. They know who they are and they will always feel like family. The support from them has been the number one source of comfort through these months. To acts of kindness like a sister-in law who literally tries to fix lunch for me 365 days a year. Or another who made sure I didn't go without a fun gift under the tree at Christmas. Sister in laws who made my last birthday my best ever. The knowledge that I have generous and loving Heavenly Father that still wants abundant blessings to come in my life. I have felt less fear and sadness in the last several months than I have felt in years and quite honestly I am loving my life. Accurately I am spoiled with help and support. It's flawed and uncertain but for some reason I am having a great time with it. Alright alright enough with that. Here's a little of what we have been up to.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kara's Birthday!

    Kara you are beautiful, talented, and disciplined! One of these days I am going to learn a thing or two from you. This is one of the best cooks you will ever meet. Check out her blog at Becky always makes sure the birthday girl gets a cake that is one part beautiful one part delicious. Sophie and Berlin don't always fancy eachother but today I saw some signs of a budding friendship.

Andy's 30th

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I idolized my brother Andrew from as early on as I can remember. I followed him around like a puppy dog. I loved getting advice from him especially in junior high about boys and what outfits I should wear. He kept me in line for many years and I didn't want to dissapoint him. He didn't kiss till after he was sixteen so I followed suit. I cried like a baby when he left on his mission. All my girlfriends had a crush on him and I had crushes on his friends. He has a hilarious sence of humor and is very savvy. I still look up to him today.

Reachel threw Andy the best party as usual. The back yard was the highlight. The pool had started growing it's own new breeds of indiscovered life forms and Reachel took it upon her self to do a scientific dig. She worked into the wee hours of the night removing the green slimy muck that once was water from the pool. I'm still not at all sure how this was accomplished but it involved buckets. At one point Reachel adorned herself with the green slime as an expression of love for her Drew. But in true Reachel form she was the perfect hostess by the next evening and stunning as always.

Turn the cameras off please.. we need a moment.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Years at Mr & Mrs Roboto's house. Futuristic glam with a side of Mocktails and Sushi.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Ashley threw this froufy party for Cali's 20th

Uh Oh

Lipstick application 101

White Christmas