Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Party Girl

Berlin found herself being treated for a high fever at the hospital in Payson on her birthday. So a few days later, in order to rectify her birthday, we threw together a totally ridiculous birthday party that she would never remember of course. Thanks Chelsea!


Brookie said...

sooo cute leisel! your little girl is getting sooo big and she is beautiful! hope all is well:)

Melanie Nelson said...

What a party!!! She is such a little doll! I never have anything really going on, so whenever you are free give me a call and we can get together for some fun!

Natalie Hall said...

I will steal her, you better watch out.. Darling party. She will look back at these photos in years to come and see how fabulous her mother was..

Jill Bagley said...

leisel----WOWO!! designer blog???? how did you do it?
mine is generic----i know.
well, the furniture in my blog is from....where else? Ikea silly.
but the paintings above it make it look high end? no--seriously--do you like them? you have to give your honest opinion. i will give you mine.
LOVE the birthday party!!! wish you were here ---wish i could celebrate more holidays and birthdays with you! lots of love to berlin!!