Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Andy's 30th

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I idolized my brother Andrew from as early on as I can remember. I followed him around like a puppy dog. I loved getting advice from him especially in junior high about boys and what outfits I should wear. He kept me in line for many years and I didn't want to dissapoint him. He didn't kiss till after he was sixteen so I followed suit. I cried like a baby when he left on his mission. All my girlfriends had a crush on him and I had crushes on his friends. He has a hilarious sence of humor and is very savvy. I still look up to him today.

Reachel threw Andy the best party as usual. The back yard was the highlight. The pool had started growing it's own new breeds of indiscovered life forms and Reachel took it upon her self to do a scientific dig. She worked into the wee hours of the night removing the green slimy muck that once was water from the pool. I'm still not at all sure how this was accomplished but it involved buckets. At one point Reachel adorned herself with the green slime as an expression of love for her Drew. But in true Reachel form she was the perfect hostess by the next evening and stunning as always.

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