Sunday, July 27, 2008

Berlin and I had a great time hanging with the girls at Lizzy's shower on Saturday. Berlin found herself a cute new boyfriend and all was going well until she realized .."hey he's prettier than me." then she was a little upset. I told her life isn't fair...and that she was really cute of course.
Then on Sunday we had everyone over for my mom's famous mashed potatoes, roast beef, sweet carrots, and gravy. Yummiest dinner of all time. Brik is the cutest with Berlin and she is fond of him as well. No grandchild is more fond of their Grandma than this one. Berlin is obsessed and quite positively loves her grandma more than me.


the waites said...

YEa! an update...try to get a picture of Berlin NOT smilling. Seriously she is such a doll. Im glad your having girl nights with yummy food. Nothing beats Awesome Ice gealatoes though. I also noticed the hair change-Looks beautiful..very natu-RAL. Keep up with your savy posting skills.


seven smiles said...

Dang, Leisel, your baby is stinkin' cute! It's so fun to take a look at what you've been up to. :)

your cousin, Jenny F.}

Brookie said...

hey little lady!!
i am so happy i found your blog. your baby is beautiful and getting so big! how old is she now?? she is too cute and you look great yourself!
does harmony have a blog?
talk to you soon:)